Example Game

Example Game of Legacy

Here is a complete example game I played.  I will describe my basic strategy below and show how to score it also.

My legacy at the end of this example game.

The first number I drew was 75, which is fairly high out of all the numbers 1-90, so I made it the root of my garden.  Remember that when you add a number to your garden it has to be smaller than the number it branches off of, so the root will be the largest number in the whole garden.  As a root, 75 is OK, but I usually hold out for a larger number.

Next I drew a journey (star), so right off the bat I had only two more journeys to go before the game ended.  I decided to play a little more conservative than I usually do since the odds were my game would be on the short side.

Next I drew 26.  The 1's digit is what matters in the opus, and 6 is in the upper half but not great, so I decided to use 26 to start my empire.  I used the next few numbers 37 and 14 in my empire, also, alternating even numbers next to odd.

Since I had a journey turn up very early, and the second journey not too long after, I decided I had better make a small rectangle in the empire to be safe.  I made a 4-by-5 rectangle with corners 54, 37, 67, and 58 first.  Then I enlarged it to 7-by-5 before the game ended.  If the game ended before I was able to finish the bigger rectangle, I would still get the score of the small one.

If you check out my opus you'll see I put some 7's and 9's in the "high" positions and 0's, 1's, and 2's in the "low" positions.  I do have a 73 in "high" position which is only worth +3 points, but I didn't have anywhere else productive to place 73 at that time.

Here is the order of the cards I drew in this game:
75, journey (1st), 26, 37, 14, 46, 47, 62, 17, 9,
54, 30, 87, 31, 79, 59, 81, 51, 44, 60,
journey (2nd), 36, 6, 40, 39, 27, 13, 85, 64, 2,
83, 5, 73, 66, 43, 58, 67, 89, 16, 38,
80, 29, 55, 22, 82, 15, 25, 53, 57, 78,
77, 56, 50, 61, journey (3rd)

Here is the game again, with the largest rectangle of my empire outlined in red, the leaves of my garden are marked with red dots, and the path to the highest leaf of the garden is marked in green.

My opus scores (7-0) + (7-1) + (9-2) + (3-0) + (9-1) = 7+6+7+3+8 = 31.

The largest rectangle in my empire is 7-by-5, and the corners are worth (in clockwise order starting with corner 54) 5, 8, 7, and 5.  So my empire scores (7×5)+5+8+7+5 = 35+25 = 60.

My garden has 7 leaves (40, 38, 50, 53, 6, 13, and 51) and the maximum height of a leaf is 5 (from the root: 75-62-59-36-13).  So my garden scores (5×7)+5 = 40.

Remember the total score of your legacy is the sum of your garden, empire, and opus scores.  My final score then is 31+60+40=131!

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