Legacy Variants

Here are some variants for Legacy.  Each variant is comprised of additional rules to the basic game, and you may combine any of the variants you like.

Score at Every Journey

Compute your score at every journey just as you would as if it was the final journey.  Then your final score is the sum of your three journey scores.

At each journey, score every element completely.  This simple change creates extra tension between the structures that I really like.  For instance, you can score extra points if you create a small empire before the first journey appears, whereas in the normal game you can wait until later in the game to being closing up your empire.  It also creates natural changes in pace between playing and scoring.

Tall Garden

Change the Garden scoring formula to 5*L + 3*H.

It is a little more interesting when you get more points for making your Garden taller; a tall branch takes more planning and commitment!

Eternal Legacies

Eternal Legacies are special versions of the legacy elements.  Each one is worth it's normal score plus a bonus of 100 points.

The Eternal Legacies are pristine; you can't add useless numbers or you no longer have an eternal legacy!


A Paradise is a garden with exactly 31 numbers such that all 16 leaves are exactly height 5.


A Dynasty is an 8-by-8 empire of exactly 28 numbers.  Each corner should have an 8 as the ten's digit.

Magnum Opus

A Magnum Opus has exactly 15 numbers: eight numbers that end in 9 in the high positions and seven numbers that end in 0 in the low positions.

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