Saturday, May 19, 2012

Play Legacy online!

The online version of Legacy is up now!

Before you start a new game, a dialogue will ask you which game number you want to play.  The game number is a random shuffle: if you choose the same game number you will draw the cards in the exact same order.

If you want to just play by yourself, leave the game number blank and you will get a random game number.

If you want to compare with a friend, decide on a game number together.  If you both play game number 123 for example, you will get the same numbers in the same order, and then you can directly compare your scores to see who made the highest scoring legacy!


  1. I recommend a small number on the face-down deck to indicate the number of cards remaining. This will help the player to better assess the probability of the game ending. This is tractable information anyway and would help speed the game along.

  2. I purposefully left it out because even if you count the remaining cards, it doesn't say whether you might turn over all the journey cards next and end the game. You can always look at the amount of numbers you've already added to your legacy to get a rough idea where you are.

  3. It's all about probability and risk assessment ... and of course convenience. :-) I think having it as at least a game option would certainly not offend anyone.

    1. That's perfectly reasonable, I'll put it on my todo list. :)


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